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Our bot will live in your Slack or MS Teams account and update you on all the newest companies fundraising three time a day.

Close More Deals

The easiest sale to make are the prospects that have an active project. Get ahead of the news and find intent data that will translate to sales.

Beat Your Competition

Being first is sometimes all it takes to win a deal. Stay on the top of the news and win more deals with SEC Filing Bot.

Use Cases

A solution for all type of sellers

Bring SEC data directly to your workflow - Get intent data to prospect to Venture Capital Funds, Private Equity, Hedge Funds, Real Estate, Startups, and more.

Software Sellers

Software Sellers

Whether you're selling Data Product, Developer Tools, Productivity Tools, SEC Filing Bot will be able to provide you with data for finding new prospects

Professional Investors

Professional Investors

Every category of company raises funds at some point in their life, with SEC Filing Bot you can track the life cycle of fundraising for any of your own investing efforts.

Data Coverage

Intent Data all in one place

SEC Filing Bot pulls in a financial company data directly from the SEC. This data is updated three times a day in order to give you the maximum edge for prospecting, staying on top of existing customers, and more.

Form D

Search the newest SEC Form D Filings - Find the newest fund managers, startups, real estate filings, and more.


Search the newest SEC 13F Filings - Find fund managers positions, portfolio value, holdings, and more.


Search the newest SEC NPORT Filings - Find mutual and index funds total assets, liabilities, monthly returns, and more.


Coming soon.


Coming soon.

Ownership Data

Coming soon.

Customizable Interface

Customize what data you see

Do you sell to Private Equity Funds? Venture Capital Funds? Real Estate? Customize your channel to see data on your ideal customers. Just set and forget, then find new prospects.

Sourcing deals starts with great data

Join the many organizations that use SEC Filing Bot to supply their prospecting data

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